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Introducing the 2018 Element i-Series

Pre-release special – very limited quantity available.

3.7 oz

The Element


  • Attack 30″
  • $97

World’s lightest shaft for players avoiding heavy stick checks for the benefit of quicker hands and faster shots.

  • Shaft Weight: 106 g
  • Flex: 4 Medium
  • Impact Strength: 35 (Low)
  • Includes 3 Month Warranty

5.6 oz

The U-1 Shaft


  • Attack 30″
  • $138
  • Goalie 40″
  • $148
  • Defense 60″
  • $199

Professional lightweight. 80% stronger than anything in its’ weight class. Consistent flex for 7% faster shots.

  • Shaft Weight: 159 g
  • Flex Kickpoint: 8 (High)
  • Impact Strength: 85 (High)
  • Includes 9 Month Warranty

7.6 oz

The U-2 Shaft


  • Attack 30″
  • $138
  • Goalie 40″
  • $148
  • Defense 60″
  • $199

World’s Strongest Shaft. Extremely stiff and delivers 3x impact of a woody. Tired of breaking sticks?

  • Weight:215g
  • Flex: 2 (Low)
  • Impact Strength: 110 (Highest)
  • Includes 12 Month Warranty

Man, you guys weren’t kidding about being blown away from this thing! First off, looks are top notch. Secondly, #sub4 is the greatest feeling in your hands. You guys as a company continue to strike good controversy in the lacrosse community and that’s what this sport needs.

Nathaniel, ELEMENT Shaft Review

Rekon Lacrosse Head by Wolf Athletics

The Rekon Lacrosse Head has more engineering hours than any other lax head ever created. Weighing in at 4.55oz, the Rekon is one of the lightest lacrosse heads in the market. It was designed with a controlled flex side rail for faster shots. In fact, one of the fastest lacrosse shots ever recorded was with a Rekon and Element Shaft setup.

The Rekon design was made with offense in-mind with a flat scoop to suck up the ball. Custom Stringing is a breeze w/ holes and textures specifically placed to lock in knots. For those that don’t string, Our pre-strung is special. Professionally tied up and exactly the same every time you order with us. Our sidewalls don’t stretch or absorb water for consistency no matter the conditions.

Another Level of Lacrosse Equipment

Championship grade lacrosse gear to your doorstep, with quality, and care. Wolf engineers the highest quality lacrosse equipment with our hell-bent determination to test boundaries and disrupt the market. Our athletes experience a game changing advantage over their competition. #ExpectDifferent

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