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Waterproof and Extreme Durability

Have you had a rain game where your pocket throws in the dirt? Then dries out to never throw the same? Ever had a sidewall rip before a game, wasting time restringing only to have a different pocket? AuraMesh sidewall REPELS WATER and DOESN’T STRETCH for perfect consistency no matter the conditions.

AuraMesh Kit
Locked Down Mesh.

Doesn’t Absorb Water or Stretch.


Aura Mesh Kit

Aura Mesh Stringing Kit
Incredibly light, unbelievable durable playability.

Locked down sidewalls

  • 150x Stronger Sidewalls
  • Doesn’t stretch or absorb water
  • Perfect consistency no matter the conditions
  • Tip every string with first ever Kwik Tips
Rekon with Aura Mesh Kit

The Mesh Kit That Will Last for Seasons


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